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Ombudsman Program Developed Materials

Guidance for Successful Resident Transitions in Oregon Assisted Living and Residential Care Communities
Developed in part by the Oregon State LTC Ombudsman Program, the intent of this handbook is to improve residential care and assisted living service providers’ understanding of Oregon regulatory standards that govern resident moves to and from an assisted living facility (ALF) or residential care facility (RCF) community.

Assisted Living Consumer Expectations Checklist
Developed by the Washington State LTC Ombudsman Program. This checklist is designed to help prospective assisted living residents and their families assess and evaluate facilities. It is meant to be a guide to some of the most important issues, but not to be an exclusive list of all issues.

White Paper on Assisted Living, DC LTCOP, 2007

Adult Family Home Specialty Training - developed by the Washington State LTCOP

PPT Training for Ombudsman on Assisted Living - developed by the Nebraska LTCOP