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Hawaii State Ombudsman, John McDermott, Discusses a Bill that Will Allow Him to Hire 3 Staff Members

March 24, 2017

Hawaii State Ombudsman, John McDermott, must act as the sole long-term care ombudsman for the entire state of Hawaii with only a small number of active volunteers to support him. However, the potential passing of Senate Bill 530 presents hope for McDermott, Hawaii’s State Ombudsmen Program, and the state’s long-term care residents, allocating $150,000 to the program.

Rhode Island Long-Term Care Ombudsmen Were Featured in PrimeTime Magazine

March 22, 2017

The Rhode Island Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program and State Ombudsman Kathleen Heren were featured in an article in PrimeTime magazine.

DRAFT Principles for a Person-Centered Approach to Serious or Advanced Illness

March 21, 2017

ACL, in consultation with stakeholders from the aging and disability communities, has drafted a set of principles to guide their work with helping people make choices and control their own decisions, regardless of their age, disability, or illness, and to enhance existing programs and services related to serious or advanced illness for older adults and people with disabilities. Now ACL needs your feedback.

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