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Family Council Brochure (August 2010)
The Consumer Voice has created a new brochure to help educate on the topic of empowered, effective and independent family councils. The brochure contains information on what a family council is, rights and best practices, resources and grant opportunities, and examples of family council activities. This is an excellent resource for current family councils or those interested in starting a council. Check it out to learn more!

Quality Care in any Setting: Using Ombudsman Knowledge to Help Consumers (February 2010)
This paper is intended to help ombudsmen recognize the knowledge and resources about quality of care that they have and be alert for opportunities to share key information about quality of care with consumers.

Supporting Well Informed Consumers: The Role of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman (May 2005)
This paper grew out of a session with the same title at the 2004 Annual State Ombudsman Conference, where panelists Becky Kurtz, Sharon Zoesch, and Linda Sadden shared their practices and stimulated dialogue on the responsible sharing of LTCOP data with consumers. The paper explores federal requirements and national recommendations; uses for LTCOP data; program practices in sharing data; essential elements for responsible sharing; and key points on the hallmarks of programs that are sharing data and the need for continued dialogue on the issue.

Using Resident Assessment and Care Planning as Advocacy Tools: A Guide for Ombudsmen and Other Advocates (Updated November 1995)
This paper looks at achieving quality care for nursing home residents through the resident assessment and care planning process. Ombudsmen can utilize the assessment and care planning processes in their advocacy work as demonstrated in the paper.

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