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LTCO Program Advocacy in Assisted Living Facilities Compendium
This Compendium is intended to assist long-term care ombudsmen programs (LTCOP) in increasing their effectiveness in advocacy for and with residents in assisted living facilities (e.g. residential care, board and care). The Compendium is a work in progress, beginning with the section on program assessment, development, and management. The tools and resources will be posted on the NORC website as they are developed. You are encouraged to check the Compendium on a routine basis and to share your best practices and information related to this topic with NORC

Quality in Medicaid Waiver Assisted Living: The Ombudsman Program's Role and Perspective (December 2005)
This paper presents highlights of a teleconference for State Ombudsmen discussing their role and perspectives on quality in Medicaid waiver assisted living. The conference was convened by The National Association of State Units on Aging (NASUA) on April 26, 2005. Thirteen state ombudsmen and program staff from 10 states (Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin) and the District of Columbia, participated.

Ombudsman Advocacy Challenges in Assisted Living: Outreach and Discharge (March 2001)
This technical assistance paper is presented in two sections. It begins by describing challenges programs face in doing assisted living outreach and practical steps they might take to more effectively reach assisted living consumers and providers. It continues with a focus on Ombudsman intervention in discharge cases.

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