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Ohio Designation and Service Review (DSR)

The Ohio State Ombudsman Program conducts a quality assurance and program monitoring review every three years.  The objective of this review is to identify successful practices that can be shared, incorporated into training, included in policies, etc., as well as identify areas for improvement and how best to address them (i.e. additional training, guidance, oversight).  The tools utilized in this monitoring process are listed below:

  • DSR announcement – Outline to introduce the regional program to the monitoring process and timelines.

  • Budget narrative samples – examples of what the State Ombudsman Program is looking for in the budget narrative the regional program is required to provide.

  • Case and AGI selection – criteria and timeframe for review of ombudsman case records and documentation of advocacy and general information activity (AGI).

  • Assurances – used to determine compliance with structural standards.

  • Regional Program case and AGI review summary – the form where the Regional Program Director and each regional ombudsman will document the results of their review.

  • Data summary – the form used to summarize ombudsman quality measures and some other data reviewed for the DSR.

  • State Program case and AGI review summary – form used by State Office to summarize results of the review.

  • Regional Program case and AGI review summary

  • Staff survey – this is a copy of the Zoomerang survey the State Ombudsman Office asks the regional staff to complete as part of preparation for the DSR.

  • Designation letterdraft DSR summarydraft DSR technical assistance plan – these are templates used to “report” the results of the review, notify the Regional Program of continued designation, and a technical assistance plan (TAP) that outlines specific action steps and timelines to improve areas discussed during the DSR

  • Case review form

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