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Volunteer Ombudsman Program Management

Study of the CA LTCOP Volunteer Program
Facing a decline of over 20 percent of its volunteers, the California LTC Ombudsman Program initiated a research project in order to learn ways to improve both recruitment and retention of volunteers. The project was funded by the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) and carried out by Wold and Associates. Qualitative and quantitative findings from a survey of 250 current and former volunteers have provided comprehensive information and descriptive data about ombudsman volunteer experiences. based on these findings, the report recommends specific strategies for enhancing the volunteer experience and improving the program's effective.

Volunteer Consultants: Extending the Reach of Ombudsman Programs (May 2003)
The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program has traditionally relied on volunteers to fulfill its mandated requirement to serve residents in long-term care facilities. In this paper, the term "volunteer consultant" is used to describe a professional who, without reimbursement, provides technical assistance, case consultation, advice/guidance, or advocacy support to the Ombudsman Program for the purpose of helping the program with specific tasks related to the professional's area of expertise.

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