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Webinar - Advocating for Residents with Mental Health Needs: What to do When a Resident Threatens to Harm Themselves

December 04, 2018        

Join us for a webinar to discuss Ombudsman program advocacy for residents with mental health needs and how to respond when residents threaten to harm themselves.

Dr. Patrick Arbore, a nationally recognized expert in the field of elderly suicide prevention and grief services, has devoted is his life to increasing awareness of isolation, loneliness, and depression in older adults. Dr. Arbore will share warning signs, ways to promote better-informed and healthier communities, and resources and supports for Ombudsmen and residents suffering from inner loneliness, sorrow, stress, and anxiety.

Following Dr. Arbore’s presentation Jamie Freschi, Illinois State Long-Term Care Ombudsman, will share her program’s policies, procedures, and tool that guides the program in responding to residents that talk about committing suicide.

The webinar will conclude with a presentation from Natasha Belli, an Illinois program representative, who will share her experience working with a resident that has threatened suicide and the steps she took to support the resident.

Tuesday, December 4, 3:00 – 4:30 ET