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State Ombudsman Program

Carmen Fullana , Interim State LTC Ombudsman

Deputy Director Division of Protection and Defense

P.O. Box 191179
San Juan, PR  919
Work: (787)721-6121 ext.237
Fax: (787)725-1515
Website: cfullana@oppte.pr.gov

Local Ombudsman Programs

Diana G. Vazquez , Ombudsman

Puerto Rico Governor's Office of Elder Affair
Urb Los Dominicos Calle Santo

Tomas de Aquino D-83
Bayamon, PR  717
Work: (787)245-0773
Fax: (787)245-0773

Citizen Advocacy Groups


Services to Adults

Marianne I. Soldevila-Walsh , Program Director
Dept. of Social Services

Fernandez Juncos Station , P.O. Box 11298
Santurce, PR  910
Work: (787)723-2127

Reg. & Accred. Of Health Fac.

Luz T. Amador

Ruiz Soler, Carretera #2
Bayamon, PR  960
Work: (809)782-0120

Puerto Rico Department of Health

David Guzman Nieves , Director of L&C
Regulation & Accreditation

Ruiz Soler Former Hospital
Bayamon, PR  959
Work: (809)781-1066
Fax: (809)781-1066

Luz Cruz , Medicaid Director
Dept. of Health

P.O. Box 70184
San Juan, PR  936
Work: (787) 250-0453

Puerto Rico Governor's Office of Elder Affair

Rossana L Le , Executive Director

P.O. Box 191179
San Juan, PR  00919-1179
Work: (787) 721-6121
Fax: (787) 721-2919

Office of Ombudsman for People w/Disabilities

David Cruz Perez , Program Director
Office of the Governor

P.O. Box 41309
San Juan, PR  00940-1309
Work: (787)725-2333
Fax: (787)725-2333


Joseph A Robles , Executive Director

Ciry View Plaza, Building 1, Suite 412
Guaynabo, PR  968
Work: (787) 641-1240
Fax: (787) 641-1248
Website: http://www.qipro.org

Luis Sanchez Berances

GPO Box 902192
San Juan, PR  00902-0192
Work: (787) 721-2900
Website: http://www.justicia.gobierno.pr/

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