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Training Materials Created by Ombudsman Programs

Training for program representatives is critical for maintaining an effective long-term care ombudsman program. The materials on this page are organized by topic and were produced by Ombudsman programs from around the nation. If your program has training materials they would like to share, please email ombudcenter@theconsumervoice.org. To view training materials created by NORC, click here.


Abuse and Neglect

Voices Speak Out Against Retaliation
Prompted by a resident question at the VOICES Forum in 2005, Connecticut’s Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (LTCOP) initiated a statewide work group and also commissioned the University of Connecticut Health Center to study fear of retaliation in skilled nursing facilities.  The LTCOP designed the Voices Speak Out Against Retaliation training video to acknowledge that Fear of Retaliation is a reality for individuals living in skill nursing facilities.

The Prevention and Detection of Sexual Assault of Nursing Home Residents - Updated December 2014
Developed by the Nursing Home Ombudsman Agency of the Bluegrass and the Bluegrass Rape Crises Center. This manual and training resource is intended for use by ombudsmen in collaboration with local rape crises programs.

  • My Body, My Rights - This brochure is a companion piece that can be used by ombudsmen and rape crises programs.

Speak Up!
The Maine Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program developed the following resources for healthcare professionals detailing mandatory reporting requirements as they relate to nursing homes in the state of Maine. 



Person-Centered Care Video Series and Teaching Guide (May 2020)
The Texas Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program produced a series of seven brief (under 2 minutes each) person-centered care videos and a teaching guide using CMP funds. A pre- and post-test are included in the teaching guide along with the answers. This training can be adapted to virtual training if programs, facilities, or councils have the capability to share videos through their webinar or webcast software. The links to the videos are in the guide and the videos are publicly available on the Texas HHSC YouTube Channel. The teaching guide may be reproduced for training purposes. 

Massachusetts LTCOP: Appropriate or Not?
This worksheet was created by the Massachusetts Ombudsman program to be used in trainings to determine whether the situation is or is not appropriate for an Ombudsman to handle.

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Casework: Advocacy and Communication Skills Training Kit
The purpose of this training kit is to review Long-Term Care Ombudsmen (LTCO) complaint investigation procedures and demonstrate resident-directed advocacy and effective communication skills during complaint intake, investigation, and resolution. The training kit includes a video with case scenarios, developed by the Texas Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, which is intended to be used with the accompanying trainer guidetrainee guide, and trainer guide with answers, developed by the National Ombudsman Resource Center, during training for new representatives or to refresh skills of experience representatives. This training kit provides examples of appropriate responses to the trainee guide as well as additional questions or tips for trainers to use in order to further the discussion initiated by the video. You can access the video and download the materials for free using the links above or purchase this video on a DVD and hard copies of the guide here

IL LTCOP Presentation on Legislative Advocacy

Legislative Advocacy: How to Effectively Engage LTC Ombudsman Statewide Training - PPT

Sample Factsheets to Legislators about the LTCOP:


Assisted Living/ Board and Care/ Personal Care Homes

The Thin Edge of Dignity (June 2014)
Dick Weinman, retired professor of broadcast communications at Oregon State University, author and former radio personality delivers a moving presentation about his experience in an assisted living facility.

  • Discussion Guide for Thin Edge of Dignity Video 
    Developed by the Oregon Department of Human Services, Aging and People with Disabilities State Unit on Aging, this guide helps to facilitate a discussion around the video; calling attention to the assisted living setting and the types of person-centered practices that might be put into place to better accommodate older adults and persons with disabilities.

Adult Family Home Specialty Training - developed by the Washington State LTCOP

PPT Training for Ombudsman on Assisted Living 
This PowerPoint was dveloped by the Nebraska LTCOP


Care Issues

Hydration Training
This training was developed by the Texas Ombudsman program and includes a PowerPoint Presentationfact sheets and other handouts to train and provide resources for ombudsmen and direct-care staff.

Restraint-Free Care
This training was developed for the California Ombudsman program and includes a Training Guide and PowerPoint Presentations (Facts and Strategies: Restraint Free Care is the Standard and Promoting Quality: Opportunities for Advocates to Make a Difference (developed by Consumer Voice)

Pharmacy Review of Medications
This video is part of a series created by the Florida Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program entitled, Ombudsman Corner. It was a live training provided via Skype for all program representatives.



The Customer Service of the Ombudsman Program
Tennessee LTCOP: You Catch More Flies with Honey PowerPoint (PDF)

Miscommunication Training
This training was developed by the Missouri LTCOP for Regional Volunteer Ombudmen and includes: Participant Training ManualParticipant Training PacketEvaluationPowerPoint

Walking the Fine Line
Texas LTCOP: Walking the Fine Line PPT 

Texas LTCOP Presentation on Media Relations for Staff Ombudsmen


Diversity Awareness

Diversity Awareness Training
This training was developed by the Missouri LTCOP for Regional Volunteer Ombudsmen and includes: Participant Training ManualParticipant Training PacketEvaluationPowerPoint


Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program

Free Video for Ombudsman Program Promotion – What is a Long-Term Care Ombudsman?
The Texas Ombudsman Program produced this free video for Ombudsman programs to use for program promotion and training. The video gives a short 3 minute overview of the purpose of the ombudsman program and the benefit families can gain if they call their ombudsman when they suspect a problem. The end of the video directs people to visit the NORC website so they can visit our Locate an Ombudsman page and find the contact information for their local program. Watch the video here.


Mental Health

Mental Health Ombudsman Training Manual (Developed by Dr. Susan Wehry for the NY LTCOP in 2004):


Ombudsmen in Home Care

Home Care Curriculum for Ohio Ombudsmen
The training curriculum for Ohio LTCOP includes a section on advocacy in home care. Ohio is one of the few states where ombudsmen have the authority to advocate for individuals receiving care. The curriculum on home care advocacy along with other types of long-term care advocacy.


Residents' Rights

Advocates for Residents' Rights (1994)
16 Minutes. An introduction to the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, presented by the late Dr. Arthur S. Flemming. Even though his film is "dated," it provides an excellent overview of the program and stresses the importance of volunteers. 

Guidelines for Resident Rights-Problem Solving Presentation (for up to 20 people) - A Tutorial for Ombudsmen

Guidelines for Large Group (30-150 staff) Resident Rights Presentation - A Tutorial for Ombudsmen

Sexuality and Intimacy in LTC Facilities
Developed by Julie Button and Amy Panosh of the WI Board on Aging and LTC Ombudsman Program. Note that the consent piece of the presentation pertains only to WI case law. It is important that other states are aware of this and may need to do research on their consent laws in their state.



Oklahoma PowerPoint on Empowering Choice of Residency: A Path to Avert Involuntary Discharges for Failure to Pay



View archive here


Handling Conflict
This "Pickle Preparation" was developed by the Missouri LTCOP for Regional Volunteer Ombudsmen and includes: Participant Training ManualParticipant Training PacketEvaluationPowerPoint

Sexuality and Intimacy

Considerations Regarding the Needs of Long-Term Care Residents for Intimate Relationships and Sexual Activity
Developed by Carol Scott, Kansas City, MO: Center for Practical Bioethics. 2007


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