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Evaluation Results

In May 2016, NORC sent a planning and evaluation questionnaire to all State Ombudsmen and program representatives and we received over 100 responses. The responses help NORC evaluate the success of its activities and materials and provide NORC staff with key information in planning for future tasks. In the coming weeks, NORC will send out a series of emails based on the results of this questionnaire. Below are links to the results broken down into categories.


2016 NORC Evaluation Results


This email answers questions such as "What are some other types of communication you would like to see NORC undertake?" and "What are the top three ways you found NORC useful to you?" along with common responses from people who filled out the evaluation, the email also provides links to resources and information already created by NORC.


This email answers the question, "What types of training activities would you like to see NORC undertake?" This email also provides links to trainings on topics such as residents' rights, care issues, advocacy skills, involuntary discharge, assisited living facilities, program management, resident-centered care, and more.

NORC Activities

This email answers the question, "What type of ombudsman activities or materials would you like to see NORC provide in the future?"

NORC Website

This email discusses suggestions respondents gave on improving the layout and/or design of the NORC website, information and/or pages of the website that may be missing, as well as issue pages respondents would like to see added.


This email discusses what documents/materials respondents would like to see from the center and what they believe are the most important topic areas ombudsman programs need in order to be effective.