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The Oregonian Interviewed Oregon State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Fred Steele

April 26, 2017

The Oregonian interviewed Oregon State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Fred Steele on how to find the best fit nursing home or assisted-living facility for you or your loved one, and how to ensure quality care in these facilities. The news outlet recently released a report entitled "Kept in the Dark: Oregon hides thousands of cases of shoddy senior care," which found that 60% of complaints filed against long-term care facilities in the state of Oregon were not made public to consumers. In response to this report, Steele stated that seniors and their families have the right to know exactly what type of care will be provided to them at a facility, and the first way to do this and by understanding the variations between different types of facilities, such as assisted-living facilities versus nursing homes. To find detailed information on the needs of different consumers and the necessary services for the various facility types, Steele encourages Oregonians to visit ADRCofOregon.org, where there is a facility checklist that will help future residents and their loved ones find the perfect facility for their needs. Lastly, Steele emphasizes the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program's duty in advocating for residents, who should reach out to the Program or their local Ombudsman with any questions regarding facility care or rights of residents.

Watch the video here.