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Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI)

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) is an initiative undertaken by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid studies to expand improvement activities in nursing homes. The provision is included in the Affordable Care Act and states that QAPI programs shall develop regulations that help facilities meet new established standards. The QAPI program also gives CMS the opportunity to find the best practices in nursing home quality, identify areas of need and advancement, and expand the level of activities currently required by the existing Quality Assessment and Assurance provision. Below are resources to help better understand the Quality Assurance Performance Improvement initiative.


Information from CMS

QAPI – Visit this CMS webpage for background information, tools, and resources about QAPI.

Resources for Quality Improvement – Visit this CMS webpage for resources regarding health care quality improvement and the Quality Improvement Organizations (QIO) program.


Information to Share with Consumers

Resident and Family Engagement in Nursing Home Quality (CMS QAPI Factsheet)

Consumer Engagement – Visit this CMS webpage for tools and resources for consumer engagement in quality improvement. 



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QAPI’s Coming—Are you Ready? (October 2013)
This session from the 37th annual Consumer Voice conference talks of how CMS is gearing up for Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) in nursing homes – a way of doing business that is designed to provide person-centered care to nursing home residents. Read about CMS expectations related to QAPI implementation, including how it fits with state and federal initiatives. 

Session materials:

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Dialogue between State Ombudsmen and CMS (November 2012)
During this dialogue, Alice Bonner provided an update on the timeline for implementing QAPI, an overview of what they learned from the pilot projects in 17 nursing homes, CMS’s expectations for facilities, and the role of QIOs. 

Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement, Root Cause Analysis and the Model for Improvement
The Texas LTCOP conducted a training on QAPI with an emphasis on root cause analysis. Melody Malone from the Texas Quality Improvement Organization presented. 

The materials from the training are below:



Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Letter Excerpt
An excerpt from a letter from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services about the Nursing home Action Plan in terms of Quality Assurance Performance Improvement. The letters also has plans for what stakeholders should expect in the future from QAPI.

Survey and Certification Letter
A summary of Quality Assurance Performance Improvement and several initiatives put forth by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Studies to implement the provisions of QAPI.


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