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State and Local Ombudsman Program Examples

This page provides an index of long-term care Ombudsman program materials and is organized by category. If you have a resource from your program that you would like to share, please email ombudcenter@theconsumervoice.org.


Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation in Long-Term Care Facilities


Voices Speak Out Against Retaliation


Michigan Elder Justice Initiative Newsletters


Combating Financial Exploitation (October 2013)

North Carolina

Advocacy for Victims of Abuse: How to Engage Law Enforcement and Support Residents (October 2013) 


Two local TV shows discussed elder abuse in response to their task force’s 2013 WEAAD Event (World Elder Abuse Awareness Day).


Speak Up!- resources for healthcare professionals detailing mandatory reporting requirements as they relate to nursing homes in the state of Maine. 



Antipsychotic Drugs


For You to the Resident: Know Your Legal Rights About Medications Mailer


Educational Brochure on Improper Diagnosis in a Nursing Home


Toxic Medicine: What You Should Know to Fight the Misuse of Psychoactive Drugs in California Nursing Homes



Bankruptcy Law

New York

North Carolina





Culture Change


Long-Term Care Ombudsman Initial Certification Training Manual: Module 10- Resident-Directed Care and Module 11- Systems Advocacy





Video Series on People with Disabilities' Experience with the Healthcare System



Emergency Prep


Emergency Protocol Reminder - Handout for Facilities


The Big Uneasy: Katrina’s Unsung Heroes video and facilitator’s guide


Oklahoma Facility Emergency Action Plan 

Supplement to the Emergency Action Plan for Long-Term Care Facilities


Note from the Michigan State LTC Ombudsman describing how they aided Hurricane Katrina victims


Advice from a local ombudsman describing how they got financial assistance to place residents' personal effects lost in a flood 



Family and Resident Councils 


Contact informationon
The CT LTCOP reported on the progress of the CT Statewide Coalition of Presidents of Resident Councils Executive Board. The State Ombudsman supports and facilitates the work of the Executive Board through regular meetings and conference calls, financial support to attend meetings in some instances and assistance with meetings with legislators and policy makers.  (2011)

District of Columbia

Contact information
The DC LTCOP organized and hosted the first annual Leadership Conference for presidents of resident and family councils at a local nursing home, and organized a forum for social workers of long-term care facilities addressing issues with the return of residents to their homes via home and community-based services.  (2011)




Contact information
The SLTCO, by invitation of the MFP Administrator, met with some staff of the state-owned facilities to review the guardianship and surrogacy processes and established a task force to review how staff decide who had capacity, guardians, decision makers, and what criteria were used in making the decisions. They also reviewed and updated admission and operational policies. A training session for staff was conducted immediately.  (2011)


LBGT Elders


Cultural Competency and Sensitivity related to serving LGBT Elders – Training



MDS 3.0


Nebraska MDS 3.0 Facility Staff Presentation - The Ombudsman Program: How it Interfaces with MDS 3.0 Section Q

Nebraska MDS 3.0 Resident Council Presentation - Understanding Changes in the Survey Process

North Carolina

North Carolina MDS 3.0 Referral Response Toolkit



Mental Health/Mental Illness


LTCOP Response When Residents Threaten Suicide (2018)



Residents' Rights

New Jersey

Protect Yourself from Questionable Nursing Home Financial Practices flyer 


Thinking Outside the Box (of Wine): Alcohol Use in Long-Term Care Facilities (August 2013)


Delaware You Have Rights Brochure

Delaware You Have Rights Brochure (Spanish)


Hawaii Resident Council Brochure


Residents' Rights Door hanger


Your Financial Rights in a Medicaid Certified Nursing Home (August 2016)

Your Financial Rights in a Medicaid Certified Nursing Home Spanish version


Sexuality and Intimacy in Long-Term Care Facilities


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Related to Resident Sexual Activity 

Investigative Guidelines: Resident Intimacy and Sexual Behavior 


Sexual Expression Policy Development: A Guide for Long-Term Care Facilities and Assisted Living Programs (December 2016)

Capacity to Consent to Sexual Expression in Long-Term Care (2016)

Sexual Expression in Long-Term Care 

Sexuality and Aging Fact Sheet (2015)


Considerations Regarding the Needs of Long-Term Care Residents for Intimate Relationships and Sexual Activity (2007)


Sexuality and Intimacy in LTC Facilities - Powerpoint and accompanying handout




Nursing Home Transfer and Discharge Notice


Let Me Return Home Toolkit (November 2016)
This toolkit shows how the program has approached the systemic problem of residents not being allowed to return to their skilled nursing facility (SNF) following a transfer to a hospital. This work was in response to an increase in calls from hospital discharge planners. 


Involuntary Transfer or Discharge Toolkit (November 2010)

Notice of Involuntary Transfer or Discharge and Opportunity for a Hearing

District of Columbia

Model Resident Transfer and Discharge Plan for Nursing Homes and Community Resident Facilities (November 2004)

District of Columbia Transfer and Discharge Law (May 2011)

Paschall v. DC Department of Health (April 2005)

Notice of Discharge or Transfer from a Nursing Facility or Relocation Within a Nursing Facility

Cover Letter to Nursing Home Providers


Role of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman in Involuntary Transfer/Discharge (May 2011)


Nursing Home Discharges, Transfers and Room Changes: Know Your Rights

Guidance from the Nevada Office of the State Long Term Care Ombudsman Program - Discharge Notices


Guidance for Successful Resident Transitions in Oregon Assisted Living and Residential Care Communities


Tribal Elders


New Efforts to Serve Displaced Native Elders




Iowa Voter Guide for Residents/Tenants of Long-Term Care Facilities

Iowa Sample Voter Assistance Plan


Harris County Voting Report

Harris County Voting Best Practices Guide

Harris County Resident Voter Guide