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Documents Related to Ombudsman Program Training

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program Training Standards (November 2019)
The Administration for Community Living (ACL) sent a letter to all State Ombudsman and State Units on Aging on November 27, 2019, outlining the training standards for representatives of the Office of State Long-Term Care Ombudsman (representatives) in each state.  Ombudsman programs are required to meet these training standards by September 30, 2021. 

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program Training Standards Report of Workgroup Meetings and Proposals for Standards (March 2017)
This document is a summary of feedback provided in a workgroup for determining federal training requirements. Based on the language in the Older American Act regarding “model standards established by the Director of the Office of Long-Term Care Ombudsman Programs” the primary focus for the workgroup discussions was to develop proposals for a minimum number of initial training hours, content of the training, and a minimum number of hours for annual in-service training for all representatives of the Office [OAA 712 (h)(5)].

Best Practices: Training Programs for Ombudsmen (October 2000)
A resource for states in reassessing or revising their training programs for new ombudsmen.

Training Videos Used by Ombudsmen (Updated March 2021)
This list is a starting point for compiling effective training tools. Thanks to all of the local and state ombudsmen and volunteer coordinators who contributed information for the compilation of this list. Please contact the Ombudsman Resource Center at ombudcenter@theconsumervoice.org if your favorite videos are not on this list.


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Long-Term Care Ombudsman Certification Survey (March 2010)
Coordinated by NORC and NASOP, this survey looks at certification and initial training requirements for long-term care ombudsmen. Forty-two states participated in the survey.

Volunteers in the LTCO Programs: Training, Certification, and Liability Coverage (December 1999)
A study of varied state ombudsman programs, their use of volunteers and training provided.

Training of Trainers: Trainer's Guide (August 1999)
This guide was produced by AARP Foundation/National Training Project.

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