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2009 Trainings & Conference Calls/Webinars

Managing Program Goals and Priorities During Budget Crises (November 2009)

Advocating for Individuals With Mental Health Needs (September 2009)

Webinar Materials: Advocating for Individuals with Mental Health Needs (PPT)

Conference Call - Volunteer Evaluations: A Tool for Retention
This call features Mary Fogh, Washington Regional Ombudsman, and Marie Frey, New York Regional Ombudsman, who are both Volunteer Coordinators as well sharing information about volunteer evaluations. Mary and Marie walk us through the process of the evaluation, share their evaluation tools and give tips for using evaluations to keep good volunteers.

The resources for this call include evaluation tools from multiple programs across the country along with best practice tips and resources for evaluations.

Handouts from Marie Frey, NY

Handouts from Mary Fogh, WA

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Conference Call - Balancing Volunteer Coordinator and Ombudsman Responsibilities

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