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2013 Trainings & Conference Calls/Webinars

Involuntary Transfer/Discharge: A Growing Problem We Can Do Something About
This webinar hosted by the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) detailed the transfer and discharge provisions of the Nursing Home Reform Law and provided strategies and resources on handling transfer discharge cases.  Presenters included Lori Smetanka, Director of the National Long-Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center (NORC); Eric Carlson, Directing Attorney at the National Senior Citizens Law Center (NSCLC); and Mary Ann Parker, attorney for the D.C. Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program/Legal Counsel for the Elderly.

Click here to access the webinar.

Ombudsmen and Emergency Preparedness and ResponseThis webinar covered information and resources regarding the role of the Long-term Care Ombudsman Program in advocating for and supporting long-term care residents before, during and after emergency situations.  Presenters discussed model policies and procedures to guide Long-Term Care Ombudsman processes and activities, and local ombudsmen from across the country discussed how their programs provide emergency preparedness trainings, and creative solutions they have developed around issues that arise during emergency situations.




Working with Families: Tips for Effective Communication and Strategies for Challenging Situations
This webinar addresses how LTCO work for residents while working with family members. We discuss why it is important for Ombudsmen to work with family members, provide tips for effective communication and share resources to help LTCO teach self-advocacy and empower family members.

In addition to sharing those tips and resources we review strategies for challenging situations and the participants discuss scenarios, respond to discussion questions and share their experiences in working with families.

The communication tips, resources and strategies reviewed in this webinar can be adapted and used when working with residents, resident’s legal representative and other individuals.

UPDATED: Working with Families: Tips for Effective Communication and Strategies for Challenging Situations (Updated July 2014)
This paper and supplemental resources provide tips, resources and strategies to help ombudsmen improve their skills in working with families. The paper reviews key communication techniques that are important for ombudsmen in their interactions with and communicating their role to families and discusses examples of challenging situations and strategies for assisting families during those situations. The appendices include materials for ombudsmen to use to help family members enrich their communication skills related to problem solving, inform them about their rights and the facility’s responsibilities, and teach them how to self-advocate.

Modernizing Your Program to Attract and Retain Today’s Volunteer
This webinar provides recruitment, training and retention strategies to help your program attract and retain “today’s” volunteer. In addition to explaining what it means to “modernize” your program, the webinar reviews current volunteer demographics, why volunteers serve, what volunteers want from their experience and how to best utilize their time, skills and expertise.

Representatives from three LTCO programs share their experience regarding a variety of volunteer management practices that help them recruit, train and retain volunteers, including the following:

  • The value of assessing your program and volunteer satisfaction surveys
  • Successful recruitment using traditional approaches and free, online resources
  •  Working with volunteers that are employed full-time
  • How to match a volunteer’s skills, knowledge and experience with their role and responsibilities
  • Creative uses of technology to enhance training and communication

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