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Volunteer Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program Representative Intake Toolkit
This intake toolkit is designed to assist Long-Term Care Ombudsman programs with the application and screening process for potential volunteer Ombudsman program representatives. The toolkit includes several templates that Ombudsman programs can adapt to meet their individual program requirements.

View the full toolkit as a PDF and in sections below.

Volunteer Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program Representative Toolkit – Introduction (PDF)

I. Letter to Prospective Volunteer Ombudsman Program Representative (PDF)(Word)
II. Key Points for Minimum Volunteer Requirements (PDF)(Word)
III. Ombudsman Program Volunteer Application (PDF)(Word)
IV. Volunteer Reference Interview Form (PDF)(Word)
V. Ombudsman Program Representative Conflict of Interest Form (PDF, Word)
VI. Volunteer Acknowledgement Form (PDF, Word)
VII. Interview Questions for Prospective Long-Term Care Ombudsman Volunteers (PDF, Word)
VIII. Resources (PDF, Word)

Volunteer Risk Management Considerations for LTCOPs Worksheet 
This worksheet provides key points to consider regarding risk management for LTCOPs. The chart highlights areas of risk and tips to reducing risk to help LTCOPs evaluate their programs to identify potential risk, review current program practices, and develop recommendations for improvements. This worksheet is also available as a Word document.

Quick Tips: Volunteer Program Assessment, Retention, and Program Expansion
This tip sheet provides specific points to consider during assessment of your current volunteer program, recruitment of potential volunteers and the development of volunteer positions that will suit your volunteers’ interests and strengths in order to benefit your program. This document also identifies resources regarding volunteer recruitment and volunteer role development. 

NORC Compendium on Recruitment, Training and Retention
The Ombudsman Compendium is designed as a comprehensive reference tool intended for individuals who are responsible for recruiting, training and retaining effective long-term care ombudsmen (both paid and volunteer). More about the development of the compendium and the resources used can be found in the overview.


For webinars hosted by NORC regarding volunteer management visit this page.

Ombudsman Volunteer Management (2022 Consumer Voice Annual Conference Session)
This session at the 2022 Consumer Voice Annual Conference focused on volunteerism, mainly recruitment and retention. Participants learned about the current volunteer landscape and best practices for recruitment/retention. In addition, the speakers covered how tracking volunteer demographics can be used to improve recruitment, retention, and engagement. 

Volunteer Management: Using a Logic Model (2017 Consumer Voice Annual Conference, Pre-Conference Intensive Webinar)
The Logic Model form is a planning tool for strengthening various aspects of the LTCO program

Getting the Most Value from LTCO Volunteer Representatives (2016 Consumer Voice Annual Conference, presented by: Legal Counsel for the Elderly)

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Volunteer Ombudsman Program Management Forms

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Additional Volunteer Management Resources

Volunteer Resource Center
This resource center, housed at n4a, builds the capacity of Area Agencies on Aging to engage older adult volunteers and to enrich the experience of these volunteers. 

National Partnership with First Advantage
In partnership with NASUAD, n4a  has entered into an agreement with First Advantage, a national provider of comprehensive background screening services, to leverage premier-level services through web-based tools at a discounted rate, more information available here.

The Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) Resource Center
The National Consumer Protection Technical Resource Center serves ACL's 54 Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) programs located throughout the country, including the District of Columbia, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. It is more commonly known as the “SMP Resource Center.” The SMP Resource Center also promotes national visibility for the SMP program and helps the public locate their state SMP project.

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Volunteer Consultants: Extending the Reach of Ombudsman Programs (May 2003)

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Certification Survey (March 2010)
Coordinated by NORC and NASOP, this survey looks at certification and initial training requirements for long-term care ombudsmen. Forty-five states participated in the survey.

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