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New Training Materials Available on Abuse and the Revised Nursing Home Regulations

February 20th, 2018

Consumer Voice and NORC have created several new training materials on the topic of abuse, neglect, exploitation and misappropriation of property. The materials are based on the revised nursing home regulations.

The new materials can be used together as an educational toolkit for training by and for Ombudsman program representatives, for members of resident and family councils, facility in-service training and community education.

  • Prezi - A Prezi is a visual storytelling alternative to a PowerPoint presentation.  The Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation and Misappropriation of Property Prezi uses the map-like layout to provide information on identifying, preventing and reporting abuse and knowing the signs of abuse.  The Prezi is available as a video with a voiceover or as a clickable presentation without the voiceover.  Use the script to follow along with the presentation and learn further details on each topic.
  • PowerPoint - This PowerPoint can be used for training purposes. The slides include presenter notes and are customizable for state and local information.
  • Fact Sheet - This fact sheet is an easy-to-use handout with information on the topic.

All materials are available on the Consumer Voice website here and on the NORC website here.