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November NORC Notes: Resources on Electronic Monitoring Devices/Surveillance Cameras in Long-Term Care Facilities

November 2nd, 2020

Residents, or family members, may consider installing a surveillance camera in a room to help determine that they are receiving appropriate care and being treated with dignity and respect, or to act as a deterrent to abuse. Due to visitation restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, more residents and families may want to install an electronic monitoring device.

Surveillance cameras can record video only, audio only, or both video and audio. While surveillance cameras and other devices can offer information about the type of care residents are receiving and how residents are being treated by nursing home staff, other residents, and visitors, they can be invasive and may violate resident privacy. They are also no substitute for personal involvement and monitoring. Refer to the resources in the November NORC Notes for additional information on electronic monitoring devices and surveillance cameras in long-term care facilities.

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