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Volunteer Management Webinar Materials Now Available

June 19th, 2019

Using Technology to Recruit, Train, and Keep Volunteers in the Loop

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This webinar is for Ombudsman programs that work with volunteers. Participants heard successful practices in using technology for recruiting, “on-boarding”, training, and retaining volunteers (e.g., an informative program website, social media, video conferencing, on-demand training, etc.). For example, the speakers talked about strategies for utilizing social media to tell consumer's stories and other appealing content, to attract potential volunteers. Whether you are looking for new ways to recruit or retain volunteers, listen as speakers share how to incorporate technology into many aspects of volunteer management. Speakers include Mitzi E. McFatrich, Executive Director of Kansas Advocates for Better Care; Gregory K. Shelley, Managing Local Ombudsman of the Harris County LTCOP in Houston, Texas; and Betsy McAllister, Florida LTCOP State Training Administrator.