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New Jersey State Ombudsman, Laurie Facciarossa-Brewer, Interviewed on Nursing Home Financial Transparency

December 18, 2023

New Jersey state lawmakers push for greater financial transparency of nursing homes with the passage of two bills currently making their way through the Legislature.

Connecticut State Ombudsman, Mairead Painter, Interviewed on Cruel Social Media Posts Targeting Nursing Home Residents

December 17, 2023

Social media mistreatment of nursing home residents by staff is an ongoing and often unreported problem in long-term care facilities across the country, according to Eilon Caspi, a Connecticut researcher.

St. Louis Ombudsman Program Representative Interviewed on Abrupt Nursing Home Closure

December 17, 2023

A St. Louis nursing home abruptly shut down, forcing the relocation of about 170 residents by shuttle bus

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