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Connecticut State Ombudsman, Mairead Painter, On Nursing Home Spending Transparency and Necessary Improvements

March 26, 2023

Connecticut State Ombudsman, Mairead Painter, was interviewed in the second part of a four-part series of articles on the care options available to Connecticut's aging population.

In this article, Mairead discussed the necessity of nursing home fund transparency and her hope of funds going toward improving facility infrastructure. CT began a new "acuity-based reimbursement" system which pays providers based on care level in their facility. Mairead hopes that with this new system, the state will force providers to make structural improvements to nursing homes. Additionally, Mairead believes the state should put a greater emphasis on small homes, such as the Jewish Home in Bridgeport which is designed like a series of small neighborhoods.

Mairead also called for further transparency in nursing home funds. Although nursing homes claim they don't have enough money for the improvements they are being called upon to make, Mairead does not believe this could be true because, "People wouldn't continue buying them if that were true."

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