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Ohio State Ombudsman, Erin Pettegrew, Interviewed on a New Law Allowing Video Monitoring Devices in Residents’ Rooms

December 30, 2021

After hearing difficult testimony about how some nursing-home residents have been mistreated, neglected and abused, Ohio lawmakers approved legislation requiring nursing homes to allow families of residents to install video cameras in their rooms, as long as the residents and roommates approve. Erin Pettegrew cautions, “a camera is only a tool for helping to monitor care,” to help ensure residents are treated with kindness and dignity. “Personal and direct involvement by families with their loved ones is irreplaceable,” she said. “They should insist on regular meetings with facility staff about the care that their loved one is getting. That can be done virtually if they’ve got COVID concerns about going to the building, and they should check in frequently to find out what they’re experiencing with their care and services.”

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