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Oklahoma State Ombudsman, William Whited, Testifies on COVID-19’s Impact on Residents in Long-Term Care Facilities

August 27, 2020

Oklahoma State Ombudsman, William Whited, testifies at an interim study on COVID-19’s impact on residents in long-term care facilities hosted by the House of Representatives subcommittee on health services.

“All of a sudden, almost in the blink of an eye, facilities were basically allowed to operate with little to no presence from outsiders,” said state ombudsman William Whited. “And that causes great concern.” Whited said the state Health Department’s three-tiered plan for facilities to allow modified in-person visitation is fine overall, but the state has previously said it is not forcing nursing homes to reopen. Whited said the state should be more proactive in questioning why some facilities may still not be allowing visitation when they meet all the criteria. “If they meet the criteria that has been set out by the Health Department, then they should be required to assist residents in arranging visitation with their loved ones,” Whited said.

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