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St. Louis Ombudsman Program Representative Interviewed on Abrupt Nursing Home Closure

December 17, 2023

A St. Louis, Missouri nursing home abruptly shut down, forcing the relocation of about 170 residents by shuttle bus and leaving more than 100 workers unpaid. Televisions and radios were still on in rooms, residents’ personal belongings remained and the building was unsecured as former staff went in and out. Some people unaffiliated with the facility were taking carts and other equipment seemingly up for grabs. Ombudsman program representative, Marjorie Moore, said this facility has a lot of problems but is also one of the biggest facilities in the area. She also said, “Residents have a right to decide where they live, a lot of these folks have been moved quickly and obviously really without a lot of consent so we want to make sure they’re all in places that they’re happy with.”

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