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Video Message from Ohio Long-Term Care Ombudsman, Bob Vines, to Long-Term Care Providers

July 16, 2021

Ohio Ombudsman program representative, Bob Vines, provides a message to facility providers regarding updates and changes to the regional Ombudsman program. Vines said that one of the primary goals is making regular in-person visits in response to many complaints, hiring a full-time Ombudsman volunteer coordinator position, and hiring a helpline Ombudsman. By having volunteers and interns trained, their work will be directed toward reaching as many residents as possible. The helpline position will be trained to answer all inquiries thoroughly and provide resources to guide guests through their long-term care journey. Essentially, by providing more staff within the Ombudsman program, this will free up time and equip more expertise for residents and their families questions and concerns. 

Watch the full video message here.