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Ombudsman Advocacy in Assisted Living/Board and Care: Past, Present and Future (October 2013)
This session from the 37th annual Consumer Voice conference asks and answers the questions: Ombudsman programs are required to provide services in assisted living and board and care facilities, but how fully engaged are they in that setting? What are the barriers for those programs that are not as active? What strategies are used by LTCO programs that are more active? How can ombudsman programs be present and effective in this setting?

Session Materials:


Translating Nursing Home Ombudsman Skills to Assisted Living: Something Old, Something New - Teaching Guide (May 2008)
This document is to assist long-term care ombudsman programs in teaching the content of the paper to LTCO to enable them to be more effective advocates for residents in assisted living.

Translating Nursing Home Ombudsman Skills to Assisted Living: Something Old, Something New  (March 2003)
State ombudsman programs vary in the length of experience they have in assisted living. This paper shows how, regardless of the differences among states, ombudsman skills and knowledge gained in nursing homes can be applied to individual and systemic advocacy in assisted living. There are also aspects of assisted living noted in this paper that pose special challenges and that call for different approaches. (Appendices not included. Call the Center if you need copies of the appendices.)


Additional Training Materials

The Thin Edge of Dignity (June 2014)
Dick Weinman, retired professor of broadcast communications at Oregon State University, author and former radio personality delivers a moving presentation about his experience in an assisted living facility.

  • Discussion Guide for Thin Edge of Dignity Video
    Developed by the Oregon Department of Human Services, Aging and People with Disabilities State Unit on Aging, this guide helps to facilitate a discussion around the video; calling attention to the assisted living setting and the types of person-centered practices that might be put into place to better accommodate older adults and persons with disabilities.

Webinar: The Changing Landscape of Assisted Living - Developments in the States (July 2014)
Hosted by the National Senior Citizens Law Center and the Assisted Living Consumer Alliance, this presentation includes the results of a 12-state study on assisted living laws.  The webinar also includes presentations from advocates engaged in state efforts to improve assisted living through the legislative process – California, where the RCFE Reform Act of 2014 is moving through the state legislature; and Connecticut, which has revamped its assisted living regulations to improve resident health and safety. The presentation also discusses a new California-focused reform project.

Consumer Protections in Assisted Living (October 2013)
This session from the 37th annual Consumer Voice conference identifies strategies to advocate for better assisted living protections in your state, plus identifies other legal resources that consumers can tap into, such as Landlord/Tenant laws, Fair Housing laws, contract language and Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices Statutes (UDAPs). Gwen Orlowski, National Senior Citizens Law Center, PowerPoint Presentation



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Uses of Mediation in Assisted Living and Some Advice Thrown In (NASUA for NORC) This paper outlines a way for ombudsmen to explore and appreciate the major risk factors for disputes with relation to assisted living, and shows how mediation fits into the picture. Includes strategies for identifying and untangling underlying problems, opening a dialogue, and negotiation “gain-gain” solutions are examined via role play and group discussion.

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