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Quality Care, No Matter Where: Successful Nursing Home Transitions Report
This report produced by the National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care examines nursing home transitions nationwide and how they can be improved from the perspective of both the individuals who had moved back into the community and the programs that assist them.  The findings from interviews and surveys with these individuals are presented, along with policy recommendations for making the transition process go more smoothly for consumers from beginning to end.

How To Guide for State and Local Advocates
This How To Guide is intended to equip state and local advocates with information and tools to advocate for improvements to nursing home transitions. The recommendations found in the Quality Care, No Matter Where: Successful Nursing Home Transitions Report are elaborated on and examples are provided within this guide. 

A Right to Person-Centered Care Planning
This report from Justice in Aging analyzes how well states are implementing the 2014 rule that creates the right to person-centered care planning for Medicaid consumers of Long-Term Services and Supports.

Money Follows the Person ToolKit
Developed by the Rutgers Center for State Health Policy, National Academy for State Health Policy and the NCB Development Corporation in 2006, this toolkit compiles information from numerous sources about nurisng home transition and Money Follows the Person (MFP)  initiatives.


Consumer to Consumer: Tips for a Successful Nursing Home Transition
Moving out of a nursing home and back into the community can be difficult.  The purpose of this Tip Sheet is to share with you suggestions for steps you can take to make your move go as smoothly as possible. These recommendations come directly from people who have already transitioned so you can learn from their experiences. This Tip Sheet is designed to be used along with a checklist that takes you step by step through what you can do before, during and after your move in order to make your transition a success.  The checklist is included with permission of the Independent Living Research Utilization (ILRU) and IL-NET. 

HCBS Advocacy.org
HCBSadvocacy.org is a platform for the aging and disability communities to post information and resources regarding the new HCBS settings rule and steps each state is making to comply with the new rule.


Plenary – Advocating for Real Reform Through the New Federal HCBS Regulations (2015 Consumer Voice Annual Conference, presented by: Justice In Aging)

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