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  • Transfer/Discharge

    Complaints regarding facility-initiated transfers and discharges continue to be one of the top complaints that Ombudsman programs receive nationwide. These complaints can be complex and extremely time consuming and the threat of transfer or discharge from a long-term care facility can be traumatic for residents and their families.

  • Trauma-Informed Care

    Ensuring that residents who have experienced trauma receive culturally competent, trauma-informed care is one of several new federal requirements which will go into effect when Phase 3 of the revised federal nursing home regulations are implemented November 28, 2019.

  • Tribal Elders and Ombudsman Services

    Ombudsman programs are likely to provide information and/or services to Tribal Elders living in every state. Thirty-five states have federally recognized tribes living within their borders.  There are eighteen long-term care facilities in Indian Country, so the majority of Tribal Elders living in long-term care facilities reside in facilities in other communities. This page contains resources and information to increase your effectiveness in serving Tribal Elders.

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