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Ombudsman Compendium - Training Appendices

Appendix A - Elements of Basic Training

Appendix B-1 - Training Agendas

Appendix B-2 - Training Tools/Exercises

Role of the Ombudsman:

Communication Techniques:

Quizzes & Exercises:

Unique Items to Enhance Training:

Appendix B-3 - Case Studies

For Basic Training - Role of the Ombudsman:

For Continuing Education/Skill Refinement:

Appendix B-4 -Self-Study or Homework

Appendix B-5 - Mentorships/Internships

Appendix C-1 - Organizational Tools

Appendix C-2 - Certification Materials

Appendix C-3 - Program Evaluation Tools

Appendix C-4 - Designation/Certification Processes

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