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Virtual Office Hour Resources

The National Ombudsman Resource Center (NORC) is hosting a virtual office hour the last Wednesday of each month at 2:00 pm ET. This is an opportunity to ask questions, share information, and have open conversations with your peers and NORC staff. These Zoom calls do not include a structured presentation and are open to all State Ombudsmen and their program representatives. These calls will not be recorded and do not require registration. Limited space is available. Create a monthly calendar reminder on the last Wednesday of each month at 2:00pm ET, add this link in the description to join, https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85675114259.

Below is a list of resources mentioned in each call.


May - Individual Conflict of Interest

March - Successful Practices for Maintaining Boundaries for your Program

February - Maintaining Boundaries for your Role in the Ombudsman Program

January - Maintaining Boundaries and Staying in the Ombudsman Program Lane



November - Nursing Home Involuntary Discharge Survey and Count: Survey of Long-Term Care Ombudsmen

October - Systems Advocacy and the Proposed Staffing Standard

September - Residents' Rights Month

August - Working with Survey Agencies

NOTE: Bev Laubert, National Ombudsman Program Coordinator, Administration for Community Living, provided the above presentation about the role and responsibilities of the LTCOP during the Association of Health Facility Survey Agencies (AHFSA) annual conference earlier this month.

July - Improving NORS Consistency

May - Sexual Expression and Intimacy

April - Facility Closures

March - Risk Management

February - Designing the Future of Inclusive Long-Term Care – Listening Session

January - Addressing Issues Due to Inadequate Staffing